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Childhood Trauma Psychologist in Sydney

Experiencing childhood sexual, physical or verbal abuse and childhood neglect can affect us in many areas of our adult lives.

Those of us who have been abused or neglected as children will often experience:
Increased rates of depression and anxiety.
Increased rates of alcohol & other drug use and risk taking behaviour.
Increased abusive relationships as an adult.
Increased feelings of shame, guilt, fear, mistrust, rejection and of being unlovable.
Difficulty in managing strong emotions, mood swings, and emotional outbursts.
Relationship difficulties and poor relationship skills.
Low self esteem and self confidence.
Identity difficulties - not really knowing who we are.
Experiences of numbing or dissociation.
Fear around starting our own family.
Feelings of hopelessness for the future.

Psychological therapy will help you work through your early experiences and uncover their negative impact on your present-day thoughts and reactions. We will help you develop a healthy self-esteem, learn how to better care for yourself and learn how to form the relationships and behaviour patterns that will give you happiness and satisfaction.

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