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Corporate Services

Equilibrium Psychology is proud to partner with companies that care about the well being of their employees.

Our convenient location and long opening hours make us a convenient choice for many organisations in the Sydney CBD.

We are happy to provide services such as:
on site talks about mental health issues
co-branded information booklets or intranet content
individual or group psychological therapy for employees funded by your company (EAP) or otherwise.
We can give psychological advice on any subject or area of difficulty you are interested in. Popular topics include:
stress and anxiety management
signs of depression and how to prevent it
relationship building skills and conflict management
creating personal meaning in your working life
and 'mental wealth' © - how to create a life of abundance.

For further information, or to discuss how we could help your company please call or email us today.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

We can also provide Employee Assistance Program services for our partner organisations to help you fulfil your Organisational Health and Safety requirements.

EAPs are employer-funded confidential counselling services provided to employees (and often their families). EAP services provide independent psychological assessments and short-term counselling directed at personal, family and work-related problems that might impact on an employee's performance and/or health.

We are an ideal EAP partner for small to medium companies as we charge on session-usage basis without the obligations of an ongoing retainer. You can choose how many sessions per year you are willing to sponsor each of your employees, and your employees can continue to see their psychologist privately or through a Medicare referral should they require further help.

All our Clinical Psychologists are highly trained and experienced unlike many larger EAP providers in the market. We will work with HR to ensure the best quality services are supplied and to feed back any trends we are seeing in your employees in an unidentified manner.

When should your employees seek psychological help?

There are a number of warning signs that indicate that your employees may not be performing to their best ability due to mental health issues. These include:
feeling overwhelmed
having difficulty concentrating, remembering or thinking clearly
over-reactions and irritablity
changes in sleep habits or appetite
inability to stop thinking about something bad that has happened or future worries
unexplained headaches, neck and shoulder tension, stomach aches or a run down immune system
using a substance like alcohol or drugs, or a service like gambling or sexual services as a way of coping
getting bad feedback at work
feeling disconnected from activities and experiences they used to enjoy
strained relationships
low self-confidence or self-esteem
their friends, family or co-workers have expressed concern
feeling stuck and hopeless
inability to see ‘the point’ anymore or lack of direction
low motivation and engagement
not feeling like they are living up to their full potential.

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