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Couples Counselling and Couples Therapy Sydney CBD

Couples therapy is a very different type of therapy to 1:1 individual therapy. Not many psychologists have the necessary skills and expertise in this niche area. At Equilibrium Psychology we recognise how important it is to get the right therapist and therapy when you are experiencing relationship issues. That is why we established our Specialist Couples Clinic.

Our clinic is uniquely organised so that you can get the most out of your couples therapy. Our sessions run for 1.5 hours, with after hours appointments available, making it easier for a couple to attend therapy and maximise the benefit from their session.

Our specialist couples therapist Lidia Smirnov is trained in the latest and most research-based methods of couples therapy and has had years of experience helping couples resolve their difficulties.

These methods include: The Gottman Method, by globally recognised experts Drs. John and Julie Gottman, which uses various tools to build better relationships and manage conflict. It focuses on helping couples learn to be better friends and to support each other, while more effectively navigating conflict, which is a natural part of any relationship.

Also, the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT) which uses cutting edge techniques, incorporating neuroscience, biology and theories of attachment to help couples work through real issues in their relationship in a safe and supported environment.

Our Specialist Couples Clinic can help with issues including:
Conflict and communication difficulty
Sexual difficulty
Loss of love, intimacy and connection
Loss of trust
Difficulty with in-laws and extended family
Difficulty agreeing on important decisions
Commitment issues
Insecurity and jealousy
Time management issues
Financial stress and conflict
Division of labour and chores

Whether you ultimately decide to stay together, or agree to separate, relationship counselling can help you identify and avoid repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour, contributing to better relationships in the future.

At Equilibrium we offer couples therapy in 1.5 hour appointments with our specialist couples therapist. Sessions cost $300 during work hours and $330 after hours.

Please note that you can't claim a Medicare rebate for couples therapy.

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