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Obsessions and Compulsions

Most of us have had the experience where we have left home and thought: 'Did I lock the door?' or have had a thought or image of something bad happening. However, for some people this type of thinking is excessive, highly distressing and distracting. Although they know it is illogical, they may perform routines to reduce the distress these thoughts cause.

Common obsessions include germs, sickness, turning off electrical appliances, locking doors, driving safely, order and neatness, violence or gruesome images and sex.

Common compulsions include washing, cleaning, checking locks, stoves etc, ordering or lining things up, counting, and repeating actions such as tapping, touching & stepping.

Psychological therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will help you recognise your obsessive thoughts as just thoughts, manage the anxiety that comes as a result of those thoughts and disengage from the compulsive behaviour that is maintaining the problem. The treatment usually has the effect of improving your self confidence, concentration and efficiency.

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