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Self Esteem Therapy in Sydney

Self-Esteem is made of the opinions, feelings and thoughts we have about ourselves. Our childhood experiences play a large role in developing our self-esteem, and our Self-Esteem changes in response to positive and negative life experiences.

Shame often underlies low self-esteem. Shame is the fear that we are not good enough to be loved or experience belonging. Those of us with poor Self- Esteem often have a strong 'Internal Critic'- a voice in our heads that judges and criticises us. Perfectionists also have low Self-Esteem as they try to perform, perfect, and please others in order to feel worthy.

Healthy Self-Esteem is based on our ability to see ourselves accurately and accept and value ourselves unconditionally, even with our imperfections.

Psychological therapy can help improve Self-Esteem; increase feelings of worthiness and belonging; increase self-compassion and self acceptance; improve happiness and life satisfaction and reduce unhealthy reactions to shame.

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