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Couples Therapy

No relationship is perfect. However, it is important to address problems and unhelpful patterns that arise. Our relationships are often the most important parts of our lives and so it is essential that we give them the time and care they deserve. When things aren’t right it is important to address it proactively as quickly as you can. When your difficulties seem overwhelming or too difficult to resolve alone coming to see a specialist couples therapist can help.

Ignoring problems and failing to create understanding between you and your partner can not only reduce good will and permanently damage your relationship; it can affect your self-esteem, mood and performance. Couples can experience a wide range of issues including problems with intimacy, conflict and communication, sexuality, or parenting. Couples can have conflict around family goals or can simply reach a point where they feel they have changed and have moved apart.

Psychological therapy will help you make relationship decisions and resolve ongoing conflicts by uncovering unhelpful beliefs, expectations, patterns of communication and behaviour within the relationship. Your specialist couples therapist will be your guide and facilitator, giving you tools and a structure within which you can safely explore and understand the dynamics at play. She will help identify your individual strengths so you can draw on them to explore the difficulties you are facing as a couple, and help you find constructive ways to navigate your issues.

Whether you ultimately decide to stay together, or agree to separate, relationship counselling can help you identify and avoid repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour, contributing to better relationships in the future.

There is a lot of science in the field of couples’ therapy and we can now offer couples very evidence-based interventions that are proved to improve your relationship.

Therapy can teach new ways to interpret your partner's actions; communicate your needs and feelings; understand the issues that arise for you in your relationship; and behave in the most constructive way possible. You can change problematic conflict patterns and learn how to deal constructively with future difficulties.

Our specialist couples’ therapist has been trained in the best evidence-based models for couples’ therapy ensuring you get the most advanced interventions possible. The Gottman Method, by globally recognised experts Drs. John and Julie Gottman, uses various tools to build better relationships and manage conflict. It focuses on helping couples learn to be better friends and to support each other, while more effectively navigating conflict, which is a natural part of any relationship.

Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT) uses cutting edge techniques, incorporating neuroscience, biology and theories of attachment to help couples work through real issues in their relationship in a safe and guided environment.

At Equilibrium we offer couples therapy in 1.5 hour appointments with our specialist couples therapist. Sessions cost $300 during work hours and $330 after hours.

Please note that you can't claim a medicare rebate for couples therapy.